Social Media Marketing.

Leveraging optimised advertising on popular social channels to drive solid, well targetted leads to your site.

Helping you leverage the power of social media to drive real results.

Social media is pivotal in ensuring the success of your online advertising campaign. Leveraging billions of active online users to give instant results.

Our data-driven and results led formula mixed with A/B testing and constant metrics monitoring ensures that advertising is always optimised and designed to convert.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Dodl's Social Media Marketing Process.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok


  • No Contract | No Minimum Spend | Cancel Anytime
  • Creatives (Photo/Video)
  • 7% Ad Spend (+VAT)

Online Account





£400 setup fee then 10% of ad spend.

"Great, another company offering Social Media Marketing why should we choose you?"

I know right? Another digital marketing agency, but we're different! Let me explain:

We're an ethical, data-first, measured, digitally exceptional group of talented individuals that make a huge difference to companies across the Globe. Quite the bold statement but we've been providing digital excellence to companies across the Globe for a collected 150 Years and we've learnt a few tricks along the way including advanced AI, machine learning, serverless technology and data farming that make us perfectly placed to help you with your next project.

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door_open Inclusive

From startups running from bedrooms to global enterprises we can help you drive more sales through our innovative digital marketing strategies. We've removed minimum spend caps and designed our free consultation to truly help you find a budget that works for your business.

code_blocks Technical Experts

Our technical expertise is what truly elevates us above the competition. We've been working as consultants with Global brands and startups for a collective time of 150 Years and we've touched marketing campaigns, migrations, data and codebases of thousands of businesses.

language Global

We pride ourselves on our Global first approach. You might only be targeting your local community at the minute but we ensure any moves to a National or Global level don't leave you in the lurch when it comes to your marketing and SEO strategies.

visibility Transparent

There's nothing worse than applying for services and then finding that they are way outside your budget. Especially when time is so precious managing a business. We put prices on everything so you know exactly how much everything costs and there are no hidden fees... ever.

insights Data-Driven

We live and breathe data. Every decision we make, ever change we propose is all backed by data and we help you understand those metrics as your campaign matures.

eco Ethical

We put ethics above all else. We also offer discounts to charities and businesses that are putting ethical products to the consumer.

gavel Compliant

Even if your business is lucky enough to not have to deal with the likes of registered bodies and compliance, our in-house legal team still monitor everything that goes out the door to ensure it follows guidelines and to avoid any potential hot water.

delete No Contracts

You won't ever have to sign a contract to use our services. There are no minimum spends and there are no minimum terms. You can cancel at anytime without obligation or additional fee.

contact_support No Technical Jargon

Our dedicated technical advisors will never use technical jargon in an attempt to mislead or upsell. Wherever possible, we'll explain all the detail for any services in simple terms so you fully understand before you commit to purchase and we cross-reference internally to check you're getting the right service for your brand.

Building and strengthening customer relations with data-driven digital marketing for applications seen by over 2.7 Billion people per month.

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