Analysis & Strategy.

Digital Marketing Analysis and Strategy. Ensuring your next campaign is a success.

Planning and strategising your next campaign is a pivotal step in ensuring it’s success. Ensuring you have all the information on your target market, customers and competitors solidifies your ability to create engaging campaigns and also the ability to quickly pivot to new target markets if needed.

With over 4.2 Billion users on the web seeing over 5,000 ads per day, it’s important to create engaging content that truly elevates itself above the competition.

Dodl’s 6-point digital marketing analysis plan is the secret to all the of our successful digital marketing campaigns.

Dodl's 6-point digital marketing analysis and strategy plan

  1. Persona Creation
  2. Situational Analysis
  3. Industry Analysis
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Goal Establishment
  6. Measurement Strategy

Persona Creation

Situational Analysis

Industry Analysis

Market Analysis

Goal Establishment

Measurement Strategy

That's great but do I really need a plan?

The honest answer is no. We can still perform marketing activities without doing initial strategy and analysis but the results are harder to compare and it takes far longer to pivot when changing tactics.

As an ethical, transparent company, Dodl will never upsell something we don't believe you actually need. If you're just looking for a quick means of reaching new customers on a budget then feel free to head on over to Paid Media. If you're really looking at hitting the market with a bang though, we suggest thinking through your strategy and planning for success.

Analysis & Strategy Overview

Planning and strategising a digital marketing campaign ensures strong, measurable results and conversions. We work to set you up for success with your next campaign using our coveted strategy checklist.


Working through our strategy plan, we'll ensure your next marketing campaign meets the following criteria:

  • Research: Market and User research to ensure well-placed advertising with maximum reach.
  • Optimisation: Ensuring your site is optimised to convert prospects.
  • Scalability: Load testing your current site and advising on infrastructure to ensure zero downtime from large scale campaigns.
  • Measurable: Implementing reporting systems prior to go live for instant tracking and responsiveness.


  • Campaign Roadmaps
  • Campaign Audits
  • Industry and Market Analysis
  • Customised Data and Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Consultation and Management

Building and strengthening customer relations with data-driven digital marketing for applications seen by over 2.7 Billion people per month.

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